UAE desalination plants begin supplying drinking water to Gaza


The delivery of drinking water produced by UAE-built desalination plants in Rafah to the shelters within the Gaza Strip began on Wednesday, as part of the "Gallant Knight 3" humanitarian operation.

This follows the installation of a 900-meter pipeline extending into the Strip from the UAE-built desalination facilities,

The Palestinian Water Authority in Rafah connected the pipeline to the Gaza water network via the Egyptian borders. 

The three operational plants were set up as part of the 'Gallant Knight 3' humanitarian operation, to desalinate approximately 600,000 gallons of water daily to address the needs of roughly 300,000 Palestinians.

The residents of the Gaza Strip who are benefiting from this initiative have expressed their gratitude for the UAE's effort.

The UAE launched the "Gallant Knight 3" humanitarian operation on November 5, 2023, to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people.

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