UAE assists Belgium in murder case


UAE authorities have extradited Gergely Franc, an Albanian national, to the relevant authorities in Belgium where he will stand trial for premeditated murder.

It’s following an extradition request filed with the UAE government.

The UAE Minister of Justice approved the extradition on December 13th, 2023.

The accused, Gergely Franc, was transferred to the relevant authorities on December 29th, according to the extradition agreement, signed by the United Arab Emirates and Belgium in December 2021.

He's charged with premeditated murder.

The agreement formally came into effect in November 2022 after both countries completed national legislation requirements.

The extradition agreement is one of more than 40 agreements signed in recent years with several countries. These agreements are in line with UAE efforts to enhance cooperation on legal and judicial matters with all countries according to best international practices, aiming to reinforce efforts that combat dangerous global crimes pertaining to organised crime, money laundering, terrorism financing, and drug smuggling and trafficking, among others.

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