Mariam Almheiri emphasises UAE's focus on food security


The UAE's Minister of State for Food and Water Security has reiterated the country's emphasis on food security.

Mariam Almheiri told national news agency WAM that agriculture, aquaculture and the use of cutting-edge technology are essential in consolidating the UAE’s food security

"Going through the past months was really a lesson learned for all of us," the minister said, recalling the early days of COVID-19.

"But with this in mind and the lessons we have learned, we want to ensure that also in the future we would be ready to face such a crisis if it happens again.

"We have to ensure that every citizen and resident in the UAE have access to nutritious food and drinking water at all times and at affordable prices. And when I say all times, it means when business is usual and also in emergency situations," the minister added.

She affirmed that enhancing agricultural and food capabilities is a need as importing up to 90 per cent of the country’s food needs poses a serious challenge to its food security.

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