Dubai revises hotel pool rule for children under-5

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Children under the age of five will be allowed to use the main swimming pools in Dubai hotels, as long as safety checks are in place.

According to the latest update from Dubai Municipality, children must wear swim vests and be accompanied by their parents at all times.

The circular from the Environmental Health Section of the Health and Safety Department of the civic body, sent to all hotel and hotel operators on August 30, states that children must also be "encouraged to stay in the shallow area of swimming pools".

Only qualified lifeguards with adequate training in rescue efforts must supervise the pool.

And, the number of lifeguards will be determined by the size of the pool and how many people are using it. 

The circular says the rules must be displayed in a clearly visible place and be printed in both English and Arabic.

A spokesperson for Dubai Municipality confirmed the new regulations with ARN News. 

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