Dubai Police amicably resolves thousands of disputes

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Over 11,000 financial and family disputes were resolved amicably by Dubai Police last year, avoiding the need for criminal proceedings or court appearances.

Police say the successful resolutions of 11,665 cases were due to the work of specialized staff offering guidance and advice to the parties involved.

The Director of the Bur Dubai Police Station, Major General Abdullah Khadem Sorour Al Ma'sam, says they're committed to finding solutions  without resorting to criminal proceedings to helps to maintain family and society cohesion and also promote the UAE's value of tolerance in society.

He further explained that as part of the Al Solh Khair (Arabic for 'reconciliation is the answer') initiative, the police station facilitates settlements in financial disputes, whether before or after filing a report, and works to resolve simple disputes and bridge perspectives in family disputes, all with the aim of preserving family unity.

"The initiative has significant benefits in promoting stability in both financial and family matters, which will positively impact individuals, institutions, and banks by ensuring the recovery of disputed funds. At the family level, the initiative works to resolve disputes and prevent family breakdowns, thus strengthening the community's social fabric," he concluded.

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