Dubai intensifies field operations to restore normalcy

Dubai Media Office

Field teams from various Dubai government entities continue to work around the clock to ensure the full restoration of services and smooth traffic flow on roads, following the recent extreme weather conditions.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Municipality have taken swift measures to minimise disruptions, including draining waterlogged areas, conducting cleaning operations, rerouting traffic and restoring public transport services.

The RTA confirmed that a proactive comprehensive plan enabled the swift restoration of operations on the city’s main streets and the resumption of Dubai Metro services by the second day.

"The authority deployed its emergency and crisis management team, which operated out of the unified command centre. A joint control room was also activated to address rainwater accumulation, operated by representatives of Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality and real estate developers," said Mattar Al Tayer, Commissioner General of Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Wellbeing Pillar, and Director General of the RTA .

"Over 2,500 response personnel, including engineers, technicians, workers, contractors and suppliers contributed to the response effort. Additionally, more than 400 pumps, 300 tanks and over 200 heavy equipment units, including trucks and bulldozers were deployed," he added.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality highlighted the ongoing efforts of field emergency teams in addressing the aftermath of the weather conditions.

"Our teams have been operating non-stop, executing comprehensive strategies across all areas and coordinating closely with our strategic partners," he said.

Al Hajri added that the recent severe rains, historically peaking at over 220 mm in less than 24 hours, required more time to drain and channel the water through sewage and rainwater drainage networks.

In response to the situation, Dubai Municipality mobilised over 2,425 engineers, technicians and workers. Operating around the clock and covering all regions, these teams are equipped to swiftly address emergencies resulting from impact of rains, including water accumulation, clogged drains and fallen trees.

The municipality's emergency field teams include 160 supervisory and leadership personnel, 125 emergency communication coordinators and 735 staff members, engineers and technical observers from various disciplines overseeing 1,248 workers and drivers, along with 161 rescuers.

These teams are backed by extensive logistical support, including 146 heavy vehicles, 141 water pumps, 130 tanks and 85 machines and light vehicles.

Since the onset of adverse weather conditions, the municipality has maintained direct coordination with other government entities, ensuring swift response systems and facilitating timely decision-making processes.


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