Dubai Customs announces 1,273 drug seizures in 2023


Dubai Customs announced 1,273 drug seizures at border ports of the Emirate of Dubai (land, sea, air, and passenger operations) over the course of the year.

These included Tramadol tablets, Captagon, opium, heroin, cannabis seeds, marijuana, restricted narcotic drugs, and other drugs.

Dubai Customs is making further efforts to combat all forms of smuggling, especially narcotics,  through it Siyaj system, an integrated security system to monitor customs ports in the emirate.

It is based on technologies such as AI, binoculars, drones, electric cars, and unique devices to detect contraband and dangerous substances, based on rapid intervention teams that work around the clock, aliongside the K9 dog unit section that supports targeting and field inspection operations.

Mansoor Al Malik, Executive Director for Policies and Legislation Division at Dubai Customs, confirmed the department has prioritised protecting the community from narcotics and contraband, and its five-year plan 2021-2026 has included a major strategic goal to lead safe customs worldwide. 

He also stressed that the department is committed to cooperating fully with strategic partners from the security authorities to thwart any attempt to smuggle drugs.

Rashid Al-Dhabbah Al-Suwaidi, Acting Director of Sea Customs Management, said Dubai has become an international model in countering drugs and their risks and health damages. The total seizure reports during the past year amounted to 3735, including 1273 drug seizures.

In a qualitative operation called “Cockpit”, Dubai Customs managed to thwart the smuggling of 234.68 kilogrammes of narcotic drugs "hashish" and prevent them from being successfully trafficked into the UAE.

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, Senior Manager of Intelligence Operations in Dubai Customs, confirmed Dubai Customs has enabled many authorities worldwide to thwart attempts to smuggle drugs.

The international customs administrations praised the role of Dubai Customs in reducing drug smuggling globally.

Among the successes, Dubai Customs helped an Asian country seize up to 700 kilogrammes of methamphetamine powder valued at approximately $310 million, which were concealed within a cargo ship, the second-largest drug confiscation ever made in this country.

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