Dubai announces star-rating system for fitness centres


A new rating system has been announced for fitness centres and gyms in Dubai.

According to the Dubai Sports Council, the evaluation process has already started and the results will be announced in October.

Fitness centres will be awarded a maximum of five stars as per the new classification system, which includes 17 criteria and 82 sub-indicators for evaluation.

The evaluation will be done by specialised and qualified teams and a development plan will be shared with centres that receive the lowest ratings.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Type of equipment
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Sports facilities
  • Cleanliness
  • Insurance & safety
  • Recovery features
  • Ratio of instructors-members
  • Certification of instructors
  • Personal training services
  • Retention rate & membership racking system (membership renewals vs leavers and membership access system)
  • Group fitness classes
  • Community and anti-doping awareness
  • Physical activity readiness questionnaire
  • Nutrition
  • Parking availability
  • General satisfaction for members and staff
  • Speciality services presented to members


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