Arab Children's Parliament unites for climate action


During the second session of the third Arab Children's Parliament, 52 Arab children discussed the theme of “Arab Children: Sustainable Efforts for Climate", rallying for collective action in building an Arab framework responsive to current and future climate challenges.

Held at the Sharjah Consultative Council headquarters, and hosted by the Arab League, discussions highlighted the significance of Arab and international collaboration to empower children's involvement in decision-making processes, driving meaningful and sustainable transformations.

Essential topics encompassed climate awareness, the role of educational curricula and families, as well as traditional and modern media in equipping future generations with knowledge and skills for climate resilience and progress.

The children conveyed their determination to promote sustainability and purposeful climate actions among their peers, proposing the establishment of online platforms and local/international dialogue sessions.

The initiatives aim to foster comprehensive climate discussions, raise awareness about challenges, and foster interactive workshops to develop inventive and sustainable solutions, benefiting society in areas like fuel consumption, eco-friendly technologies, and emission reduction.

The session witnessed the presence of Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, Chairperson of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, Ahmed Saeed Al Jarwan, Secretary-General of the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC), and Dr. Abdulrahman Al Yasi, Director-General of Sharjah Youth, associated with the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation, along with Dr. Abdulmalik Dabbash, Consultant at the Family and Childhood Department of the Arab League.

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