Abu Dhabi Police share footage of horrific crash due to sudden swerving

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Abu Dhabi Police on Friday released surveillance footage of several crashes that were caused due to reckless drivers changing lanes dangerously.

Cars were seen flipping over after dangerously swerving across multiple lanes on a highway and hitting the road divider.

It was shared under #YourComment initiative, a social media campaign aimed at making roads safer.

Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to avoid sudden swerves, which could mean a fine of AED 200 and 4 black points.

They also cautioned against overtaking other vehicles in a wrong way (fine of AED 200, 3 black points), entering a road without ensuring it is clear (fine of AED 400, 4 black points), not to move between lanes in a reckless manner that exposes the driver to danger, and to ensure that you use the correct lane in the event of moving to another road.

Motorists could also receive a fine of 600 AED and 3 black points for overtaking on a hard shoulder, entering road dangerously, or overtaking from a prohibited place.

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