Abu Dhabi Police hosts drug education sessions

Platform X / @ADPoliceHQ

The Abu Dhabi Police Directorate of Drug Control has held educational sessions to raise awareness about drugs and the important role families have in preventing substance abuse.

The initiative, held at Dubai Hills Mall, is part of the Ministry of Interior's comprehensive program that took place over a ten-day period under the theme "My Family.. My Greatest Asset".

The Abu Dhabi Police's participation showcased ongoing efforts in educating the community about the perils of drug dependency and fostering a supportive environment through initiatives like the Opportunity of Hope service. The service encourages individuals struggling with addiction to seek treatment voluntarily, leveraging family as a support network.

Colonel Taher Ghareeb Al-Dahari, Director of the Directorate of Anti-Narcotics, emphasised a family's role as the primary defense against drug abuse. He highlighted the importance of open dialogue within families to shield children from the dangers of drug addiction, stressing that fear and intimidation are ineffective tools in addressing this serious societal challenge.

Faisal Khamis Al-Zahri, Director of the Preventive Program Implementation Branch, showcased Abu Dhabi Police's educational efforts through informative videos. These materials covered the harmful effects of drugs, types of substances, causes of addiction, and pertinent legislation aimed at control and prevention.

The Abu Dhabi Police sessions, held during World Drug Day, underscored the commitment to safeguarding community health and promoting a drug-free society through education, awareness, and supportive intervention strategies.

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