Abu Dhabi identifies modern heritage sites in need of protection

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Abu Dhabi has revealed its first set of 64 modern heritage sites requiring immediate protection.

The list was compiled by the Department of Culture and Tourism as part of its Modern Heritage Conservation Initiative to identify, safeguard and maintain sites that narrate the Emirate’s more recent past.

No demolition applications will be allowed for these buildings. Instead, priority will be given for them to be maintained and rehabilitated.

"It is our civic responsibility to guard this modern heritage, not only because of the value it holds in our collective memory as residents of this emirate, but because of the historical testimony it has in telling Abu Dhabi’s story through architectural and urban identity between the traditional past and our aspirations for the future," said Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi.

The list is a representation of diverse types of buildings - a hospital, a theatre, a school, mosques, parks, hotels, markets and commercial buildings among many others.

For instance, Al Manhal Palace was the first purpose-built presidential palace where the flag of the state was raised after the UAE joined the United Nations in 1971.

Another example is Al Ibrahimi Building, an award-winning structure and one of the capital’s architectural masterpieces designed by prominent Egyptian architect Dr. Farouq El Gohary.

There is also large-scale developments such as Sheikh Zayed Sports City, a distinct development in Abu Dhabi’s urban planning which hosts international and regional events.

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