Free-dive champion breaks Deep Dive speed record


A free diver has completed the quickest 60-metre descent and return to the surface at Deep Dive Dubai.

Alexey Molchanov, a free dive champion, completed the round trip in just 57 seconds at the world's deepest pool.

Before performing the feat, Molchanov used "lung packing," which is a breathing technique that allows divers to inflate their lungs with as much as two gallons of air and stay underwater for minutes at a time.

The technique, which the free diving champion has perfected over the years, allowed him to reach the depths of Deep Dive Dubai's pool in just one breath.

Human bodies require intense training and acclimatisation to perform free diving. Experienced divers such as Alexey have to reduce their heart rate by over 50 per cent to respond to the underwater depths.

Deep Dive Dubai is a unique diving experience - the 60-metre pool is the deepest in the world.

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