Police snap into action after 'croc' sighting

Thames Valley Police South Buckinghamshire/ Facebook

Police called to reports of a crocodile seen in flood water near an English village have escaped unharmed after discovering locals were fooled by a replica.

Officers from the South Buckinghamshire team at Thames Valley Police investigated a potentially snappy situation after reports of a crocodile lurking in floodwaters had tongues wagging.

But rather than having to battle a fierce reptilian foe, they found it was actually a replica, or decoy crocodile's head, available online and described in some reports as a toy.

The force took it in good heart, posting on Facebook: "Crikey! It's not every day that you get sent to reports of a crocodile in flood water near Cholesbury.

"Do not be alarmed, the croc is now with us at the police station.

"Did you know that it is not that difficult to tell alligators and crocodiles apart? One will see you later whereas the other will see you in a while. #BadDadJokes."

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