Kangaroo hops through empty streets of Australian city


A kangaroo was spotted hopping through the empty streets of the Australian city of Adelaide amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Police captured the journey of the animal through the city's downtown area street cameras.

"Protective Security Officers tracked a suspect wearing a grey fur coat hopping through the heart of the #adelaide CBD this morning," the South Australia Police tweeted. "He was last seen on foot heading into the West Parklands."

Police officials said it was "unheard of" to spot kangaroos in the city.

"Normally it's bustling with cars but to have no vehicles - it's quite eerie at the moment - there was only one vehicle which nearly collided but managed to miss it," an official told Reuters. 

As people remain locked in to stop the spread of COVID-19, several incidents of animals straying into empty urban spaces have been reported across the world.

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