UAE leading the way in renewable energy, says UAE IRENA representative

H.E. Dr. Nawal Al Hosany at COP28

The UAE has already solidified its place as a global leader in renewable energy, according to H.E. Dr. Nawal Al Hosany, the permanent representative of the UAE to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Speaking at COP28, Dr. Al Hosany expressed confidence in the UAE's position while emphasizing the nation’s practical approach to strategic decisions and how being the headquarters for IRENA plays a key role in success. Dr. Al Hosany also took the opportunity to point to the achievements of the first week of COP28 and highlighted the UAE's instrumental role as a global hub for renewable energy solutions and training.

“I think the UAE is already a global leader in renewable energy,” she said. “We are very pragmatic in our approach to any strategy we decide to adopt and the UAE has been building renewable energy solutions globally and has been like a training base for renewable energy in this region.”

The comments followed the release of a report by the Global Councils on Energy Efficiency, where Dr. Al Hosany serves as the Vice Chair. The report provides insights into the current energy landscape, showcasing best practices and case studies that exemplify the tangible impact of energy efficiency.

Dr. Al Hosany, speaking at the Schneider Electric booth in COP28’s Green Zone, praised the significance of the report and said the data will be key to meeting emission targets. She also described having the data as a big step towards the global 2050 Net Zero target.

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