UAE's Hope Probe set for two-year study of Mars


The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) has started a two-year comprehensive study to get a complete picture of the Red Planet's lower and upper atmospheres.

The science data gathering process which commenced on May 23, will track Mars' atmospheres throughout the day, night and seasons of a full Martian year.

It comes after the mission successfully completed spacecraft and instrument exercises used to practice science observations.

"Following a successful cruise to Mars, a near-perfect Mars Orbit Insertion manoeuvre, and our transition from Hope’s capture orbit to our science orbit, we have completed our commissioning, calibration and testing phase," said Omran Sharaf, Project Director of EMM..

The probe’s three instruments were activated on April 10 and a period of commissioning and testing followed.

The instruments and spacecraft are performing beyond expectations.

'Hope' is following its planned 20,000 - 43,000 km elliptical science orbit, with an inclination to Mars of 25 degrees.

The probe will complete one orbit of the planet every 55 hours and will capture a full planetary data sample every nine days.

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