UAE's Hope Probe gets ready for science data gathering


The UAE's Hope Probe will soon transition to the science orbit.

The completion of testing is ahead of schedule and the Transition to Science Manoeuvres (TSMs) will take place earlier than planned.

The first of two planned manoeuvres is scheduled for March 22, and a second one on April 6.

A third manoeuvre, originally planned by the team, is not expected to be required.

"Our Mars Orbit Insertion was highly successful and precisely targeted and this has allowed us to plan a reduction in TSMs and also to move to our science orbit ahead of schedule," said Emirates Mars Mission's (EMM) Project Director Omran Sharaf.

The Hope Probe has planned a 20,000-43,000 km elliptical science orbit, with an inclination to Mars of 25 degrees.

It will complete one orbit of the planet every 55 hours and will capture a full planetary data sample every nine days.

The probe has so far captured over 825 images of Mars using its three instruments, generating some 30 Gbits of novel data on Mars’ atmospheric makeup.

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