UAE's ambition has no limits: H.H. Sheikh Abdullah


The UAE is a country that defies the impossible and whose ambition has no limits.

That's according to His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, who added that success can only be achieved through work and is not an entitlement.

Sheikh Abdullah said this on the sidelines of the third edition of the 'Mohamed bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations', which saw the participation of key leaders and decision-makers from around the world, as well as over 13,000 young people.

During the session, Sheikh Abdullah stressed that the majlis underscores the UAE’s modernisation and development model, through gathering older and new generations to exchange expertise and knowledge.

"Since its establishment, the UAE has encountered many challenges that are completely different from current challenges. Back then, these challenges were more serious and resources were minimal.

"However, the country’s leadership had a wise vision and perseverance and young national cadres were determined to overcome these challenges. Due to their efforts, the UAE became what it is today," he explained.

Sheikh Abdullah highlighted how the UAE’s history is full of examples of good governance and crisis management, adding that the COVID-19 crisis is an example that demonstrates the wisdom of the country’s leadership in terms of effectively managing crises.

He also addressed the importance of empowering children and empowering them, in addition to raising the awareness of the youth and the general public about mental illness.

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