UAE urges educational renaissance to mark World Teachers' Day


The UAE aims to create an educational resurgence with teachers who have the skills, creativity and passion to inspire students.

The Minister of Education, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, has been outlining the national objectives in a statement to mark the UNESCO World Teachers' Day.

Al Hammadi praised the profession's achievements as well as its inspirational role in implementing the nation's educational policies.

"We laud their achievements and influential role in developing the capacities of our students and implementing educational policies, plans and programmes with honesty and accuracy, which have positively affected our students in Emirati schools. We are grateful for their giving and efforts to prepare future generations," he said.

The Minister stressed that the UAE’s leadership has prioritised education, empowered teachers and created an inspiring and motivating environment for them.

He added that the country’s leadership appreciates the role of teachers and lauds them on all events and occasions.

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