UAE to operate Gaza bakeries as part of Gallant Knight aid programme


The UAE has sent five automatic bakeries to the Egyptian city of Al Arish, ahead of their entry into the Gaza Strip, as part of the "Gallant Knight 3" humanitarian operation to support the people of Palestine.

The initiative is in response to the severe shortage of bread in the Gaza Strip and, when operational, will meet the daily needs of more than 420,000 people.

The production capacity of each bakery is about 17,500 loaves per hour. The UAE will be responsible for providing flour, diesel and other materials to ensure their operation 24 hours a day. The UAE will also pay the salaries of those who will operate and supervise them.

In a statement, Rashid Mubarak Al Mansouri, ERC Secretary-General, said the UAE will spare no effort to provide for Palestinians and to enhance all forms of support and humanitarian response to reduce the suffering of those affected by the events in Gaza.

On Sunday, the Gallant Knight 3 initiative delivered over 124,000 parcels comprising food items, medical supplies, hygiene kits for children and the elderly, lighting projectors, and blankets. Also distributed were 183 food parcels, 23 hygiene kits, food baskets for children, 1,040 winter clothing items, 3,402 undergarments parcels, and 38 blankets.

The operation supports 28 charity kitchens that provided 13,280 meals distributed to 53,120 beneficiaries. 

The total UAE aid provided to the Palestinian people within the "Gallant Knight 3" humanitarian operation up to February 17 amounted to more than 15,700 tonnes, with 162 cargo planes sent.

The UAE also launched six water desalination plants with a capacity of around 1.2 million gallons per day, which directly benefits the residents of Gaza.

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