UAE nuclear regulator update on Barakah security measures

Supplied: FANR

The Barakah nuclear power plant has robust measures in place to protect its physical security and cybersecurity according to Federal Authority of Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

FANR's Director-General Christer Viktorssen says the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant has systems in place to protect it in any event.

"We have robust security in the country, first of all. Secondly, for the nuclear power plant, it's designed according to highest security principles and we have issued regulations for physical security, cybersecurity, and we work with other national authorities very closely with on this topic," said Viktorssen.

The director-general was responding to media questions as a press briefing on FANR's milestones over the past year and outlook for the year ahead.

"At FANR we make sure that we have regulations in place in order to protect the power plant and particularly the sensitive parts of the power plant are well-protected for any event," he continued.

Throughout 2021, FANR carried out more than 40 inspections covering nuclear safety, nuclear security and nuclear non-proliferation at the Barakah plant to ensure it meets regulatory requirements.

FANR will continue to conduct regulatory oversight of the four units of the nuclear power plant to ensure its safety and security. 

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