UAE named world's second safest country

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The UAE has been ranked the second safest country in the world in a new report.

The 'Global Finance' magazine's safety index takes into account factors like personal security, risks of natural disaster and conflict, as well as issues related to COVID-19.

The UAE is the world's most vaccinated nation and it also has one of the lowest fatality rates in the world.

Overall, Iceland was rated as the safest on the list of 134 countries, while Qatar, Singapore and Finland rounded out the top-five spots.

The top-ranking countries are diverse geographically and are spread amongst Europe and Asia.

Of the top 20, nine of them are located in Europe and four of those are Northern European (Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway).

The remaining 11 out of 20 are primarily countries in the Middle East or Southeast/East Asia.

Meanwhile, the countries that ranked at the bottom are the Philippines, Colombia, Guatemala, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Yemen and North Macedonia.

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