UAE Hope Probe Mars Mission: How to watch the event

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In an historic day for the nation, the UAE’s Hope Probe Mars Mission is due to enter the Red Planet’s orbit, with the manoeuvre starting from 7:30 pm UAE time.

The Probe has to slow down in a highly complex procedure called the Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) to achieve entry.

The MOI will last an uninterrupted 27 minutes. Nearly half of the fuel will be spent to slow the Hope Probe down enough to capture Mars’ orbit.

During this time, the speed of the spacecraft will decelerate from its cruising speed of 121,000 kmph down to 18,000 kmph.

The Hope Probe approaches Mars with such a velocity that it will slingshot around it and continue into deep space if it hasn't slowed down to the level where it can be captured by the planet's gravity.

Millions of people in the UAE, the Arab region and the rest of the world are anticipating the historic moment when the Hope Probe is due to orbit Mars at 7:42 pm.

The UAE Government Media Office is organising a major media event at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to highlight the mission.

The iconic building will be lit up by a special laser show.

Global news agencies, as well as local, regional and foreign media representatives, and officials and members of the Emirates Mars Mission will be in attendance.

The mission will also be broadcast live from the Satellite Control Centre at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre.

During the event, Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, who chairs the UAE Space Agency, will present the phases of the Hope Probe mission, from its inception as an idea to the probe orbiting the planet.

And it will be streamed via the Emirates Mars Mission website,, from 7:00 pm UAE time.

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