UAE dispatches plane carrying 55 tonnes of relief aid to Ukraine


The UAE has dispatched a plane loaded with 55 tonnes of relief and medical supplies to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

The supplies included 360 portable electric generators, winter clothes, blankets, and medical aid to assist those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. It also included 5,000 personal laptops for educational purposes.

It's part of the UAE’s continuous efforts to provide relief and mitigate the severity of the humanitarian repercussions faced by Ukrainians as a result of the ongoing crisis. The humanitarian aid will be distributed through Poland and transferred into Ukraine.

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Head of International Affairs Office at the Presidential Court, said the place dispatched to Ukraine “reflects the UAE’s keenness to extend assistance to the people of Ukraine, and support them through the provision of various supplies. We endeavor to alleviate the suffering of a large segment of Ukrainians, and meet their basic needs, particularly with respect to education and healthcare”.

Since the outbreak of the crisis, the UAE has contributed urgent relief supplies to those affected in Ukraine, including US$100 million of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians.

The UAE has also launched an air bridge to deliver relief aid, essential food items, and medical supplies, along with electricity generators, ambulances, and other medical and educational equipment. Furthermore, the UAE has dispatched planes carrying aid to Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries such as Poland, Moldova, and Bulgaria.

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