UAE certifies more nuclear operators


The UAE's nuclear energy sector has received a further boost with more Emiratis now officially qualified to operate the Barakah plant.

Another 39 UAE nationals have received their certification, which brings the total number of Senior Reactor Operators (SRO) and Reactor Operators (RO) in the country up to 193 - 69 of whom are Emiratis, including nine women.

The latest batch was certified by the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation after passing rigorous examinations.

The candidates are required to complete a comprehensive training programme alongside their academic learning in the UAE and abroad.

With the Barakah plant's Units 1, 2 and 3 commercially operating and Unit 4 in the final stage of commissioning, more operators are now undergoing training to ensure a sustainable pipeline of talent for the next 60 years of operations, and the long-term success of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme.

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