Top marks for green space and food supplies at Sharjah schools


Schools in Sharjah have received high grades for providing green exercise space and quality food for pupils.

A study by the emirate's Health Promotion Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs has been surveying public and private schools as well as nurseries.

The educational facilities' assessment comes ahead of an update on standards for the Healthy Schools Programme.

The survey found that 70 per cent of private schools, 58 per cent of public schools and 74 per cent of nurseries provide green space for physical activity.

The study also showed 86 per cent of private schools have a healthy food supply policy, and this rises to 100 per cent in public schools.

All private schools and public nurseries have a clinic inside the school, while the percentage in public schools reached 97 per cent.

In addition, education facilities are committed to first-aid training.

It showed that 100 per cent of private schools have first-aid trained staff, public schools have 94 per cent, with public nurseries coming in just slightly behind at 91 per cent.

The results indicated that 85 per cent of private schools accept people of determination students, while the percentage in public schools is 60 per cent in all cases and 40 per cent in certain cases. In public nurseries, 65 per cent of specific cases are accepted.

The report also found that 71 per cent of private schools organise joint activities between students and parents, and this figure stands at 62 per cent for public schools.

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