Sheikh Zayed Festival breaks four Guinness World Records


Sheikh Zayed Festival broke four Guinness World Records on New Years Eve, attracting over one million visitors who gathered at Al Wathba to welcome the New Year of 2023.

The Festival grounds were filled with a crowd of spectators of the outstanding drone and fireworks shows, which lasted for around 60 minutes for the first time in the region and was documented by the Guinness World Records.

The fireworks display lasted for more than 40 minutes, and more than 3,000 drones flew up in the sky with a welcome message at the end of the show.

It's the first time a display has lasted for 60 minutes, and was documented by the Guinness World Records.

Commenting on the milestone, Al-Waleed Osman, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, confirmed that the Sheikh Zayed Festival was able to break four records during the event, three of which are for the fireworks display and a new record was set by the drone show.

He explained that most girandola fireworks were launched in 30 seconds; most fireworks pinwheels were launched in 30 seconds and most repeated firework image was formed in 30 seconds; in addition to the Multirotor/drone, the largest formation of a Quick Response (QR) code formed by drones.

“We are pleased to be at the Sheikh Zayed Festival to witness its 2023 New Year's celebrations, and we extend our congratulations to the organisers, who consistently break records annually in order to delightfully entertain the audience,” Osman added.

Visitors to the Festival documented the wonderful moments of the various shows and shared them on social media. The stunning performances were also broadcasted on the Festival's social media channels.

Visitors also experienced art and culture of these countries through its cultural dances and live music presentations on the various pavilion stages around the grounds.

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