Sheikh Abdullah calls for efforts to prevent expansion of Gaza conflict


UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, has called for intensifying efforts to prevent the expansion of the Gaza conflict at the Arab consultative ministerial meeting on Gaza.

Held in Riyadh, the meeting between foreign ministers of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan, and Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) discussed the impact of the conflict on the Palestinian people.

The UAE minister highlighted the importance of strengthening joint Arab action in facing the unprecedented challenges across the region, and stressed the need to find constructive political avenues for re-negotiations aimed at pursuing a path towards comprehensive peace based on the two-state solution. 

He also called for the protection of civilian lives, the safe and sustainable delivery of relief and medical aid to the Palestinians and reiterated that reaching a sustainable ceasefire remained of utmost priority.

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