Public Prosecution plea heard in terrorist organisation case


The Abu Dhabi Federal Appeals Court held a hearing on Wednesday in which several individuals and entities, were accused of establishing and managing a terrorist organisation, and money laundering.

During the session, the court heard the Public Prosecution representative present evidence, including technical reports, audio and visual material, as well as written documents, that proved the involvement of the 84 defendants in the crime.

They also established their role in an organisation called the "Justice and Dignity Committee", which sought to stir up public dissent by organising protests and demonstrations against the state and creating violent clashes with security services.

Affirming in its plea, that it's not a retrial, the prosecution presented confessions and statements by the defendants that were consistent with the investigations of the State Security Apparatus. And, presented testimonies of media experts, who were tasked with monitoring and analysing the defendants' tweets and blogs as part of the organisation's action plan.

The session, which lasted more than five hours, was held in the presence of all the defendants.

The court is scheduled to continue hearing the Public Prosecution’s plea on February 15.

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