New COVID-19 tests can identify Delta variant

A new PCR test that specifically identifies the new, more infectious Delta variant has been unveiled.

Designed by Unilabs, the tests will help health authorities put in place targeted measures to contain the virus, save lives, and minimise the economic fall-out.

Data from Unilabs’ testing efforts is being used to track the spread of the Delta variant in the UAE, UK, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, France and Portugal. 

According to Timoteo Guimarães, who runs Unilabs' Covid-19 business unit, they developed the test after data suggested that the Delta variant is becoming "the dominant strain of COVID-19 in many parts of Europe".

It will use the "same techniques created to detect the Kent variant" and will be able to track any future variants.

Unilabs has also teamed up with airlines to help test international travelers and recently signed an agreement to include their network into IATA Travel Pass.

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