New app launched to trace and detect COVID-19 cases in UAE

A new smartphone app has been launched by the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) which allows users to keep track of COVID-19 cases and curb its spread in society.

 TraceCovid will identify people who have been in close contact with those infected with the virus and will enable authorities to immediately reach out to possibly infected individuals.

The suspected cases will be immediately provided with necessary healthcare treatment, potentially minimising the spread of the virus.

The app functions on Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and allows users to detect and identify another device with the same installed app.

When in close proximity of each other, both devices will exchange an encrypted Secure Tracing Identifier (STI) and store the exchanged STI locally on both devices.

If one of the users is infected with the virus, relevant authorities will be able to access the user’s data and timestamp, while ensuring complete privacy of personal information.

Commenting on the launch of the application, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of DoH said "through the new application, we will implement a proven tracking system to control the spread of infectious diseases worldwide."

DoH also explained that all members of the society in the emirate can download the application in two simple steps provided that they have an IOS or Android device.

The first step is to download the TraceCovid application and install it on their devices; the second step is to enable the Bluetooth feature and allow it to remain active at all times for the application to read and determine the user’s exact location.

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