International Humanitarian City reveals new identity

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The International Humanitarian City has rebranded as Dubai Humanitarian (DXBH), marking two decades of impactful humanitarian initiatives while also introducing a new vision for the future.

This transformation strengthens the hub’s position as a global leader in humanitarian endeavours, reflecting a renewed commitment to serving humanity.

The new identity was revealed during a Global Meeting at The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, attended by more than 250 delegates from various countries, including representatives from other partner humanitarian hubs such as Panama, Italy, Spain, Jordan and Kenya, government agencies and partners from the private sector and academia.

"Our commitment goes beyond mere assistance; it's about forging partnerships, leveraging innovation, and amplifying impact. With a growing number of simultaneous crises and operations, and given our dedication to sustainability, we stand poised to serve humanity with greater efficiency and efficacy," said Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shaibani, Chairman of Dubai Humanitarian.

The event featured a distinguished panel with prominent figures in the humanitarian field, who explored strategic announcements, including:

  • Global Safety Net: To strengthen collaboration among nations hosting humanitarian hubs. By connecting these hubs through the Humanitarian Logistics Databank, the goal is to track and manage the availability and flow of relief resources more effectively. This not only improves emergency preparedness but also fosters a more sustainable approach to humanitarian aid worldwide.
  • Knowledge and Development Centre: The establishment of a new facility within Dubai Humanitarian's warehouse compound signifies a commitment to knowledge sharing and capacity building in the humanitarian sector. This space will serve as a hub for various activities aimed at enhancing the skills and expertise of humanitarian workers, ultimately improving their effectiveness in delivering aid.
  • Major partnership expansion initiatives: The World Food Programme is officially scaling up its global programme and supply chain operations with direct support from the Dubai Government.

Dubai Humanitarian, formerly known as the International Humanitarian City, is the largest humanitarian hub in the world.

As the only non-profit, independent, humanitarian free-zone authority, Dubai Humanitarian is home to a diverse community of approximately 80 members.

This community comprises international entities such as UN organisations, non-profits, non-governmental organisations and commercial companies, collectively working to advance humanitarian and development efforts worldwide.

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