India to operate more repatriation flights from UAE


India has announced it will be facilitating more repatriation flights for its citizens from the Gulf region.

According to the national news agency WAM, Air India will operate 22 flights from airports in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi from August 1 to 29. 

Another 23 flights flown by Air India will help repatriate Indian citizens from the other Gulf States such as Bahrain and Oman.

Meanwhile, the UAE's Ministry of Civil Aviation released a partial list of flights to be operated by Air India Express. 

These include four daily flights from Dubai from August 1 to 5 and another 37 flights from August 6 to 15. 

The low-cost carrier will take also off from Abu Dhabi and Sharjah 79 times during the same 15-day window as Dubai. 

India’s mission to bring back its citizens from all over the world is called Vande Bharat, and this will act as Phase V of the initiative. 

Air India and its low-cost subsidiary have helped 259,764 Indians to return to their home country in the first four phases of Vande Bharat so far, with Phase IV set to be completed at the end of this month.

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