H.H. Sheikh Mohamed condemns terror attacks in France during call with Macron


His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, has condemned the recent terrorist attacks in France during a telephone call with the French President, Emanuel Macron.

Sheikh Mohamed offered his condolences to Macron for the victims and their families and wished the injured a fast recovery.

His Highness stressed that these violent atrocities are inconsistent with the teachings and principles of all monotheistic religions that call for peace, tolerance and love, and emphasised the sanctity of human life.

Sheikh Mohamed reiterated his rejection of hate speech, underlining its negative and harmful effects on relations between people of different nationalities and faiths, and that it serves only those with extremist ideas.

The Crown Prince categorically rejected any justification employed to excuse these criminal acts of violence and terrorism.

He also emphasised that the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, represents solemn sacredness for all Muslims, and under no circumstances should the Prophet be linked to violence or politicisation.

His Highness noted that interaction among people should involve dialogue of mutual respect among cultures, emphasising the common historical and civilisational links between France and the Arab world.

Sheikh Mohamed expressed his appreciation for the cultural diversity of France and its embrace of its Muslim citizens whose rights, beliefs and culture thrive under French law and institutions.

And he stressed that the UAE, as an Arab and Muslim country, is proud of its values of coexistence, tolerance and cooperation with the global community of nations.

His Highness also underscored the strong ties between France and the UAE.

The two leaders discussed a number of regional and international issues of mutual interest.

The call covered developments in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, emphasising regional security and stability and the non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign states.

The two leaders expressed their support for any moves or initiatives that would contribute to reaching political settlements to the conflicts in the region.

And they reviewed the latest developments to combat COVID-19, noting the significance of enhancing international cooperation in the fight to contain its impact.

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