GEMS to offer school fee discounts to parents affected financially by COVID-19


One of Dubai’s largest education providers has announced it will provide a discount on school fees to families directly impacted by the economic and financial impact of the global shutdown.

A letter to parents from GEMS Education said their Financial Relief Package would be means-tested, to allow those most in need to benefit, while retaining all their teachers. 
It says it will offer “deferment of fees, payment plans or discounts for families who have lost their jobs, had salary cuts or been placed on unpaid leave and are struggling to pay fees at this point in time as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak”.
It will also waive all registration fees, assessment and administration fees until further notice.
In a response to ARN News, the group assured parents that any financial information provided to them would be handled sensitively.
“As with every means-tested approach, relevant documentation is required, whether it be bank statements or letters from employers,” said the statement.
“As a large organisation that has been operating in the UAE for 60-years, we have all the appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure confidentiality and the protection of sensitive information.”
It also said they were committed to the teachers who are the backbone of the company and are “working harder than ever before to ensure GEMS students have access to quality education via remote learning.”

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