Four passengers now allowed to travel in Dubai taxi vans


Four people can now travel in Dubai Taxi vans, as per the new guidelines set by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Previously, all taxi travel had been restricted to two passengers per vehicle.

Due to the two rows of passenger seating present in Hala Van Taxis, four passengers can sit two to a row, to maintain social distancing.

The price for the service is identical to that of a regular taxi and can be booked on the Careem app.

Clemence Dutertre, CEO of Hala, said: "As ever, we remain committed to using technology to unlock easy movement around Dubai. We are pleased to announce this positive move and hope it can make travel that little bit simpler for those of our riders who need to travel in groups, whether that be friends or families."

How to book: 

  • Open the Careem app and select ‘Hala Taxi’
  • Confirm your pickup location, and enter your destination
  • Choose ‘Hala - Van Taxi’ from the list of car types, seeing your waiting time and far upfront

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