Expo 2020 Dubai to host next International Day of Education


Expo 2020 Dubai will host the third United Nations’ International Day of Education on January 24, 2021.

Hosted in partnership with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its partners in the UAE, the day will reaffirm education as a fundamental human right and celebrate the multiple ways in which education can build shared prosperity and foster peace. 

The announcement was made at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris during the official commemoration of the second International Day of Education, which is celebrated in all UN member states, by UN agencies, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, the private sector and individuals.

Underlining one of Expo 2020’s core missions – to inspire, empower and engage youth – the theme of education will be incorporated throughout the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, which starts October 20, 2020.  

Speaking at the Paris event, Hind Alowais, Vice President – International Organisations and Non-Official Participants, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “The UAE believes investing in people’s welfare, knowledge and capabilities produce the greatest dividends for individuals, families and communities as a whole. We hope to leverage Expo 2020 as a platform for knowledge-sharing and look forward to celebrating next year’s International Day of Education at Expo 2020 Dubai with UNESCO and other partners, including the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris.”

Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO said: “We look forward to this formidable platform for showcasing the power of education and all the talent, creativity and energy it can unleash to promote humanity’s common good and protect our shared planet.”

Expo 2020’s series of events related to education will culminate with the global community coming together from March 17-19 2021 for RewirEd, a festival of education that aims to change the narrative from ‘the impossible’ to ‘the possible’. 

Through initiatives such as Expo Live and the Global Best Practice Programme, Expo 2020 is already supporting a number of projects around the world that are improving access to quality education.

The biggest event ever held in the Arab World, Expo 2020 has the potential to inspire one million school students through the Expo School Programme, which is working with educators across the UAE to facilitate their access to The World’s Greatest Show of human brilliance and achievement. Additionally, all 140,000 full-time UAE university students will be invited through the Expo University Programme. 

Further demonstrating the importance of youth to the event’s legacy, the Sustainability Pavilion will become a Children and Science Centre post-Expo.

With more than 200 participants, including 192 countries, Expo 2020 expects to record 25 million visits, with 70 per cent of visitors coming from outside the UAE. It runs from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021.

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