Dubai's new regulations for self-driving cars: RTA explains

@RTA_Dubai/ Twitter

The new rules for trialling autonomous vehicles in Dubai cover all aspects related to safety, technical and operational aspects.

That’s according to the CEO of the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Public Transport Agency, who told ARN News that the law also specifies the role of other government entities involved in the chain.

Ahmed Bahrozyan shared the details of the legislation and how companies qualify for autonomous test trials in the emirate.

He added that these measures are essential to gain the public’s trust in self-driving technology.

Bahrozyan also explained how the RTA identifies areas to conduct these tests.

The initiative aims to reduce the cost of transport, cut carbon emissions and bring down accidents, besides saving time spent in driving conventional vehicles.

It comes under the Dubai Smart Mobility Strategy, which aims to transform 25 per cent of journeys in the emirate into self-driving transport means by 2030. 

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