Dubai Police to name and shame those mocking stay-at-home rule

ARN News Centre

Authorities in Dubai say they will not hold back in punishing residents who mock the 'stay home, stay safe' campaign on social media.

Colonel Saeed Al Hajeri, Director of the CID's Cybercrime Department at Dubai Police, told ARN News that they've already started arresting and fining people for their activity online.

He said that those found breaking the law will also be publicly identified for the first time.

Colonel Al Hajeri explained that social media can be used as a "lethal weapon", if misused.

Dubai Police - Official Page have started to name & shame, arrest, and jail people who mock the stay home - stay safe campaign on social media. We are joined in studio by Colonel Saeed Al Hajeri, Director, Cybercrime Department - CID Dubai Police. #BusinessBreakfast #TheAgenda #DubaiEyeonOne

Posted by Dubai Eye 103.8 News. Talk. Sport on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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