Dubai Police releases special guide for FIFA World Cup fans

Dubai Police invites football fans to the city as the FIFA World Cup unfolds in Qatar today, with a detailed guide titled "Cheer in Dubai, Cheer Safely," outlining the need to "respect local laws".

"Enjoy our city of tolerance and openness, and take part in our thriving international community," the tweet on Dubai Police’s official channel read. "We invite you to express your excitement with respect to local laws and community."

Apart from outlining where the FIFA fan zones are across the city, the guide details rules for celebration.

Fans must not "celebrate in places not designated for this purpose", "stay away from sports fanaticism" and refrain from "possessing and drinking alcohol in public places".

They must know that "the contempt of religions and all kinds of discrimination and political disputes are prohibited" and so is the "use or distribution of narcotics".

Public property must be preserved, while privacy of others must be respected while taking photographs.

For safety reasons, smoke flares are not allowed.

Fans must "avoid unlicensed massage parlours and suspicious advertisements" and "showing affection in public areas".

"Do not leave luggage in public areas" and always keep payment receipts for taxi rides as it makes it "easier to find any missing items".

For the detailed list, head here.

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