Dubai Police helps child overcome fear of officers in uniform


A three-year-old girl has overcome her fear of the police after receiving a surprise visit from a Dubai Police team.

Hasan Al Khalsan's family approached the authority and sought their assistance in helping their little girl, Alyazeya, who would cry every time she saw an officer in uniform.

"We dispatched a specialised team of female officers with gifts to entertain the little girl and take her in a ride around her neighbourhood in one of Dubai Police luxury patrols," said Colonel Dr. Mubarak Bin Nawas Al Ketbi, director of Dubai Tourist Police.

"Her fear was evident as the patrol arrived at the family's residence. However, our officers handled the situation professionally, and soon Alyazeya's fear subsided noticeably", explained Lt. Obaid bin Abid, Head of the Tourism Security Patrols Section.

The child's family thanked Dubai Police for their prompt response and praised their role in ensuring the happiness of society.

"It is of great importance to us that the members of the society trust and contact us whenever they need our help, especially the children," said Al Ketbi.

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