Dubai Police help man retrieve lost valuables from Hatta Water Dam


Dubai Police have helped a tourist retrieve his wallet, car key and two phones, which were lost during a kayaking trip.

According to the emirate’s Maritime Rescue Department the man's valuables had sunk in the deep end of the Hatta Water Dam.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, Director of Sea Rescue Department in Dubai Police, said, “An Asian man called 999 seeking help after his personal belongings plunged into deep water at Hatta Dam.

A Marine rescue patrol was dispatched to the scene to determine the location where the objects had fallen at Hatta Water Dam. After a search plan had drawn up, a Frogman Team of Maritime Rescue Department went underwater to search for the valuables”, Lt-Col. Al Naqbi explained.

He called on the public to practice caution and keep their valuables safe while participating in different physical activities, especially water sports.

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