Dubai Holding's 'Gift It Forward' records impressive results


Dubai Holding's 'Gift It Forward' initiative is on target to distribute unique gifts to 8,000 blue-collar workers and 500 low-income families during Ramadan.

The global investment company, which is organising the initiative in partnership with the Community Development Authority (CDA), has packed and distributed nearly 7,200 gifts out of its 8,000 target.

The campaign involves repurposing more than 70,000 new items before Eid into special, one-of-a-kind gifts to blue-collar workers and low-income families across Dubai.

Dubai Holding, its companies as well as its partners Azadea and Apparel Group have completed six packing and distribution events with the support of more than 150 volunteers.

In line with the Dubai Holding Sustainability Strategy, Gift It Forward not only helps to reduce waste, but also reinforces the importance of mindful consumption with the value of giving.


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