Dubai Customs launches IP Award for Schools and Universities 2023


Dubai Customs launched the Intellectual Property Award for Schools and Universities 2023 for projects created and built by students that include smart training, awareness and communication applications.

The Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department dedicated the Award to projects created and built by school and university students this year.

Standards and requirements of the nominated projects are specified in the Award's portfolio shared with the participants.

Projects should be built by a team of students, and the idea should be novel to be shortlisted for the Award.

The deadline to participate in the Award is January 30, and submission of projects ends on April 10. The winners will be announced on April 26, in conjunction with World Intellectual Property Day.

Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of the IPR Department, said, "We launched the first version of the Dubai Customs IP Award in 2007 as part of our plan to engage the society around the intellectual property cause and raise awareness on the importance of protecting its rights. It is imperative to engage the students and encourage them to learn about their intellectual property rights."

He pointed out that the IP Award aims to enhance knowledge of the importance of intellectual property rights and the hazards associated with counterfeit goods.

The nationwide Award runs in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Emirates Schools Establishment.

Around 31,000 students from 188 schools and 13 universities have participated in the Award since its launch in 2007.

A specialised committee evaluates ideas and projects submitted to the Award. The Award targets school and college students of all age categories, including People of Determination.

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