Dubai cracks down on vehicles abandoned at testing centres


Authorities in Dubai are reminding motorists not to abandon their vehicles in the parking lots and courtyards of car testing and registration centres.

The municipality has launched a major campaign to raise awareness and to monitor and clear neglected vehicles as well as boats, trailers, locomotives and marine equipment.

The campaign is focused on nine locations that include Warsan Registration Centre, Al Qusais Registration Centre, Shamil Muhaisnah Vehicle Testing and Registration Centre, Wasel Vehicle Testing Nadd Al Hammar, Tamam Vehicle Centre, Al Awir Auto Market, Al Barsha Registration Centre, Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing and Wasel Al Jadaf Centre.

The initiative is aimed at maintaining the city's aesthetic appearance and tackling the environmental impact of abandoned vehicles.

"The campaign aims to enhance community awareness about the impact of damaged or neglected vehicles and the risk of their negligent accumulation, in addition to promoting the values of community responsibility to enhance the emirate’s appeal and the aesthetics of public facilities," said Saeed Safar, Director of Dubai Municipality's Waste Operations Department.

He added that the owners of abandoned vehicles are first issued a deadline to clear the vehicle within a period ranging from 3 to 15 days, depending on the location and state of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is Dubai-registered, an SMS is sent to the owner and if it's not cleared within the notice period, it will be towed to the impoundment yard in Al Awir.

Before disposing/ auctioning off the vehicle, the owner may be able to retrieve it by getting in touch with the municipality.

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