COVID-19: NCEMA Director-General receives vaccine


Obaid Rashid Al Shamsi, the Director-General of the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), has been given the COVID-19 vaccine.

The UAE has been conducting vaccinations in line with the Ministry of Health and Prevention's plan to protect frontline health workers against the virus during the pandemic.

Al Shamsi said the nation's leaders give top priority to deliver the highest levels of safety and security to the frontline professionals.

"In alignment with the leadership's vision, the availability of this safe, effective vaccine will contribute to save and protect lives,'' he added.

The UAE has authorised the emergency use of the vaccine as part of the national measures to shield health workers in close contact with COVID-19 patients.

It is fully aligned with the regulations and laws allowing a faster review of licensing procedures.

Earlier, Al Shamsi said the UAE has proven its effective handling of the crisis by strengthening work between government and non-government bodies and uniting in a national effort to manage the pandemic.

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