COVID-19: Al Hosn app is national vaccine registry


The Al Hosn app has been updated to become the UAE's national COVID-19 vaccine electronic registry.

Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the health sector's spokesperson said the data available on the app is considered as certified official document.

People can download and print the details whenever needed.

During the latest government media briefing on Tuesday, Dr. Al Hosani added that the health authorities in the country are constantly tracking the updates and changes regarding COVID-19 and its variants.

Despite the spread of new variants of the virus worldwide, she said many studies have proven the effectiveness of the vaccines in providing the necessary protection.

She also highlighted that the new variants tend to spread faster and are more infectious, but they don't appear to be causing a more serious disease or a higher mortality rate.

During the briefing, the official reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated, and also urged the public to comply with the government's instructions and safety measures during Ramadan and Eid.

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