Construction underway on region's most advanced research vessel


The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi is building what they are calling 'Middle East’s most advanced research vessel' to conduct specialised research and tackle the largely unstudied waters of the Arabian Gulf.

In addition to state-of-the-art research equipment, the new 50-metre-long vessel will include five laboratories, a remotely occupied vehicle and scuba diving functionality.

The vessel will be able to assess marine sites and habitats, and offer environmental rehabilitation when required, in addition to other marine studies.

It's expected to be built and delivered by late next year and requires a 30-strong workforce to operate.

The design of the ship commenced in January, 2021, with it scheduled to arrive in Abu Dhabi in December, 2022.

The initial sea trial will be carried out in Vigo in late 2022, with Gulf condition trials taking place after the voyage of the ship to Abu Dhabi.

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