Burj Khalifa among most 'Ubered-to' spots worldwide


More people have taken an Uber to Dubai's Burj Khalifa than to Buckingham Palace this year.

The ride-hailing app announced the top 15 most-visited spots, where the world's tallest tower ranked seventh, ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge and The Vatican. 

New York City's Empire State Building dominated the top spot as the most 'Ubered-to' tourist attraction in the world. 

Also representing the region in the top 15 spots visited by Uber users are the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and Egypt's Great Pyramids of Giza. 

The full list includes:

1- Empire State Building

2- Freedom Tower

3- CN Tower

4- Arc de Triomphe

5- Eiffel Tower

6- The Louvre

7- Burj Khalifa

8- Disneyland

9- Buckingham Palace

10- Golden Gate Bridge

11- Sydney Opera House

12- Berlin Wall

13- The Blue Mosque

14- The Vatican

15- Great Pyramid of Giza

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